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Began ANTS project with Diane.

Completed production/tracklist for Grown Folks music project. Beginning songwriting tasks w/ Charles da Saint.
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Information About Mister Blue
  • F. Khristopher Blue pursued his first degree at Full Sails for Music Production and Recording.
  • F. Khristopher Blue was a recording artist from 1999-2002 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and had 4 solo releases (Til Death Do Us Part, Ghetto Born, Ghetto Torn, and Ghetto Scorn)
  • F. Khristopher Blue is a vetean of the United States Navy. He  served on the USS Whale SSN - 638 (submarine) as a Yeoman.
  • F. Khristopher Blue is a certfied photographer who continually researches and studies to be better at his craft. His specialty is portratures and people centered photography.
  • F. Khristopher Blue is the Creative Director of GeeChee One Magazine, an Urban Magazine based in Charleston, SC and also of the non-profit Ede Mwen Health Services based in Rock Hill, SC.
  • F. Khristopher Blue has been doing poetry for years and has a mixtape called LOVE RECALIBRATED as well as  partcipates in live perfomances in and around Durham, NC.
  • F. Khristopher Blue i stheorizing on a new webseries and radio show... stay tuned.
  • F. Khristopher Blue is  a graphic designer and specializes in layouts and logoes as well as simple web designs.
  • F. Khristopher Blue is a mental health therapist for a non-profit in a rural community and also functions as a life coach in the RDU.

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